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TAREB Officers & Board of Directors

Message from  President  Courtney Johnson Rose

Greetings Realtist®s,

I am honored to have been elected at our 59th Annual State Conference to serve as the President of our great organization, the Texas Association of Real Estate Brokers. I stand on the shoulders of many of our historic leaders like Fred Blair, Vincent Wimbish, Carolyn Matthews, Jackie Cooper, Patricia Douglas and many more, whom I admire and respect.

Throughout our conference, the need for growth has been an underlying tone from our local board presidents, speakers and members. Just as every President before me has had to face various challenges and also chosen specific challenges to prioritize; I intend to tackle the needed expansion of our membership base around the State as my number one priority. My approach is for us to market our organization and tell our story in a way that will be captivating to new members while also creating a positive nurturing environment to welcome our new members into.

After prayer and deliberation, I have confirmed our theme for 2016 – 2017 as:

“Texas Realtists® Impacting Our Communities through Education and Collaboration."

  • We are Texas – one of the biggest and best States in our country
  • We are Realtists®  – the most resilient and resourceful real estate practitioners in the industry
  • Impacting – the keyword of our theme. We have to focus on making a positive impact on our member’s businesses and our communities. We can no longer afford to do things because we have always done it; rather we have to focus on activities that yield the most impact
  • Our Communities – the areas we love and the areas we serve; these are also the areas that need us the most
  • Education – knowledge is power and it is our responsibility to educate our communities and also to educate ourselves as practitioners so that we can be the best  resource for our communities
  • Collaboration – our success will be determined from our ability to collaborate and unite as Texas Realtists® to achieve our main goal of growing the Realtists® community

If we work together and can embody this theme over the next 2 years, we will position TAREB to grow and our organization to continue for another 60 years.

Our board of directors and officers along with our local board Presidents will serve as our leadership team for TAREB.  At our 59th Annual conference, we elected new officers and several new members to join the Board of Directors. I would like to congratulate the newly elected officers and board members:

I look forward to working with our leadership team and with each and every member of the Texas Association of Real Estate Brokers in the coming years to grow our membership and spread the Realtists® story all over our great state. Please plan to attend our 69th Annual  NAREB Conference in Long Beach, CA, August 12-16, 2016 and save the date for our 60th Annual State Convention, June 8-10, 2017, that will be held in the greater Houston area.

In the Realtists® Spirit,

Courtney Johnson Rose

TAREB President 2016 – 2018


713-721-5555, ext 116

                                                                   A Message from the Chair of the TAREB Board

                TAREB 2017 - 2018 Officers and Board of Directors
Name         Position  Email Address   Phone   #            
Courtney Johnson Rose
(832) 309-7003
 Sharon Middlebrooks
 1st Vice President
(214) 371-5507
 Robert Wright
 2nd Vice President
(512) 587-6619
 LaVonna Stewart
(830) 353-0446
 Melodi Phillips
 Assistant Secretary
(817) 939-7906
 Candice Copes
(832) 722-9381
 Linda Parker
 Assistant Treasurer
(832) 661-8198
 Ken Biggers
(254) 338-8233
 Rashad Thomas
(214) 497-2098
 Billie Scott
(214) 207-5708
 Andrea Cooksey
 Chair of the Board

(832) 215-9084
 Lora Washington
      Board Member
(214) 546-1277
 Bobbye Mills
      Board Member
(713) 502-9533
 Madge Day
      Board Member
(214) 869-2757
 Kim Wimbish
      Board Member
(972) 989-7983
 Terri Attaway
      Board Member
(817) 999-0974
 Melinda Dightman
      Board Member
(832) 703-8970
 Steven Jones
      Board Member
(817) 475-5248
 Renee S. Harris
      Board Member
(210) 685-1116
 Lilly Jefferson
      Board Member
(843) 513-6173
 William Pitre
      Board Member
(281) 748-6353
 LaTisha Grant
      Board Member
(713) 898-8439
 Shirley Neal 
      Board Member
(817) 718-5853
(817) 346-9990
 Ken Biggers
      Board Member
(254) 338-8233
 Ira Thomas
     Past President
(214) 693-6901
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